Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sprint Dealer Rewards

We are very EXCITED to announce the addition of Sprint PowerSource™ handsets to the Sprint Dealer Rewards line-up.

Its HUGE NEWS…..Beginning today, Monday, January 22, 2007, registered sales reps will be able to earn 100 points ($10) for EVERY Blend™ ic402 or Buzz™ ic502 sold including UPGRADES.

That’s RIGHT…UPGRADES but ONLY eligible on the Blend™ ic402 and the Buzz™ ic502.


The Sleek Motorola Blend™ ic402 and The Rugged Motorola Buzz™ ic502 –
Introducing phones so powerful they can handle two networks and connect you with both the power of 20 million Nextel walkie-talkie people and the enhanced voice and data capabilities of Sprint.

Sprint Dealer Rewards:
Promotion Period: 1/22/2007-3/11/2007
Earn 100 points ($10) for every New Activation or Upgrade.
(Upgrades are ONLY eligible on the Blend™ ic402 and the Buzz™ ic502.
All other Sprint Dealer Rewards handsets remain as NEW activations only.)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Proactive "Up To" $50 Service Credit Offer (1/18/07 -1/21/07)

WHAT’S NEW? An “Up To” $50 Service Credit is available for customers activating new lines of service from January 18 through January 21, 2007! This program is intended to boost sales by providing additional incentive to be used when closing deals for ALL of your customers
This is a PROACTIVE offer for an UP-TO $50 Service Credit for the service plan MRC only. This offer does not apply to attachable options.

This offer will be advertised via print ads and radio beginning Thursday January 18th! An eFlyer outlining all the details will be sent by Friday for reps to give to customers at POS.
What is sales rep’s Sales pitch to consumer?

• Now is a great time to sign up and you will receive up to $50 service credit on your invoice.
• Sign-up now and receive a service credit up to $50 applied toward your MRC.

Promotion Details

• Only new lines of service (New customers and existing customers adding a new line of service) with a 2-year service agreement. Upgrades do not qualify.
• Service credit * will not roll over. Customer receives credit for their MRC amount only.
• Subscription must be active to receive a service credit **.
* The credit will be systematically applied to all consumer/IL subscriptions activated between 1/18~1/21 which are still active as of 2/18.
** Sales/care reps will not need any codes to support this offer.

• “Up To” $50 service credit will be applied to MRC only
• “Up To” $50 service credit will be applied in up to 3 bill cycles (second or third bill cycle – it won’t happen on first)

Available in all Authorized Representative locations

• CDMA, Sprint® iDEN and Nextel Partners-territory iDEN subscribers
• Requires new line of service (add a sub)
• 2-year subscriber agreement required
• The following customers are eligible
o Consumer
o Individual Liable (IL) (Public sector and government IL included)
o NOT eligible - Corporate Liable (CL)
For Family plan customers, the secondary lines (2-5) are eligible; however, if the 2nd line is $0 then they will not receive a credit thru this offer.

Shared Lines of Service

• Line 1-Eligible to receive “Up TO” $50 service credit
• Line 2-Eligible to receive “Up TO” $0 service credit
• Lines 3 & 4-Eligible to receive $9.99 service credit each
• Lines 5-Eligible to receive $9.99 service credit each
Example: New customer adding 3 new lines under $59.99 Family plan
§ Line 1 = receives $50 service credit toward $59.99 MRC
§ Line 2 = $0 credit; 2nd line is a $0 MRC
§ Line 3 = receives $9.99 credit; MRC for this line is $9.99

Provisioning Process:

No additional dealer actions are required.
>For customers billed in Ensemble, the service he credit will be applied using a scripting process *
>For customer billing in P2K, the service credit will be applied using Marketing Program Enrollment functionality

* Customers should be advised it may take 2-3 billing cycles for the credit to appear on their invoice

Monday, January 15, 2007

National Valentine’s Day Handset Offer

Powerful phones for as low as $49.99!
  • Fusic and Samsung a900M only $79.99 after MIR
  • Price decrease on the Red MOTORAZR to $59.99 after MIR
  • Sanyo 7000 $29.99 BOGO – first time available in retail
  • Sanyo 3100 = FREE after MIR
  • LG-225 = FREE after instant savings

Lower national prices on PDAs make selling easy

  • Reduced national prices on the Treo 700p and Treo 700wx to $299.99.
  • Introducing the new Motorola Q for $199.99 after MIR.

Mobile Broadband Smart Device MOTO Q by Motorola®

Introducing the MOTO Q™, a slim, stylish smart device offering customers easy access to mobile email, web, calendar and phone functionality in one pocket-sized device.
Unique dark pearl gray color is exclusive to Sprint.

Applications for enhanced email (Good Mobile Messaging), personalized web content (On Demand) and NFL updates (NFL Mobile), are pre-loaded on the device.
Pricing & Promotion

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): $449.99
One-Year Promotion Price: $374.99
Two-Year Promotion Price: $299.99
Additional Promo: $199.99 (after $100 National Mail-in Rebate)
Flat Price: $199.99

Free Incoming Plans on CDMA Now Include Unlimited Mobile to Mobile

Sprint Free Incoming Plans

Free Incoming plans will now have consistency with Power Pack plans in that:
  1. Sprint PCS / CDMA = Unlimited Mobile to Mobile

  2. NEXTEL / PowerSource / iDEN = Unlimited Walkie-Talkie
  • No Changes for iDEN plans

  • No change to monthly access or anytime minutes

Fair & Flexible Price Plans Retired

Remove Fair & Flexible plans from all customer facing materials effective 1/14/07. Sales expire Fair & Flexible plans following typical business rules:
  • Existing customers on Fair & Flexible plans wishing to rate plan migrate will be proactively offered new Power Pack Pricing rate plans.
  • Existing customers on Fair & Flexible Family Plans can add Add-a-Phones to their existing account.

The new Power Pack rate plans will support base customers who rate plan migrate:

  • The vast majority of customers migrating to a Fair & Flex Plan today – 90% of individual plan migrators and 78% of family plan migrators – are getting additional core pricing features like Roaming, 7PM, and Mobile to Mobile included into their price plan and will continue to have this benefit with Power Pack plans.
  • On average, 75% to 85% of customers do not break their anytime minute bucket.
  • Customers have continued to migrate to Fair & Flexible plans to obtain unlimited calling features – bundled roaming, 7PM Night Calling, and Unlimited Mobile to Mobile – despite less attractive bundled flexible overage.

New Power Pack Voice Plans Launch

On January 14, 2007, Sprint’s lead consumer rate plan offer is changing from Sprint Fair & Flexible plans to Sprint Power Pack plans

  • The New Power Pack plans will feature powerful buy ups giving our customers more unlimited calling options.

  • Customers can choose from Nights and Weekends starting at 6PM or 50 Add-on minutes for only $5 a month

Key Benefits to the Customer:

  • Sprint will continue to highlight the 7PM off-peak differentiation and will extend this leadership position with attractive 6PM buy-up options

  • Two or three extra hours every weekday for unlimited calling to anyone on any network

  • All customers can benefit from earlier Night start times

Competitive Comparison:

  • Cingular offers 7pm off-peak, but charges $8.99 for individual plans and $16.99 for family plans.

  • Cingular does not offer 6pm off-peak

  • Verizon and T-Mobile do not offer any off-peak calling options

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Telenav Track CDMA Launch

With this December launch, Sprint will now launch their four Telenav Track packages into the Sprint PCS portfolio! This means that a full-featured tracking application with handset–initiated GPS is now available to CDMA customers! Features that are now available include time sheets, job dispatching, wireless forms and more frequent GPS position updates.

Also NEW! – Introducing Telenav Track 4.0! Telenav Track 4.0 introduces a significantly updated web application, focusing on ease of use and personalization.

  • Telenav Track is one of the leading Fleet and Field Force Management solutions in the Sprint Nextel Portfolio.

  • Telenav Track has five different plans (Basic, Plus, Enhanced, Premium, and Lite).

  • These products have been part of the Nextel portfolio for about four years. In April 2006, Sprint launched Telenav Track Lite on CDMA for Sprint PCS users.

Pricing and Promotions:

  • A Blackberry data plan required

  • For handset-initiated GPS devices
    Service Plan Eligibility:

  • Business subtypes only (IL and CL)

  • A Blackberry data plan required

  • Supported Devices:
    · BB 8703e
    · BB 7130e (firmware version or later required. Upgrade is available at www.sprint.com/downloads)

Sprint Plan Advisor

Sprint announces a tool that helps customers ensure they are on the right wireless plan to meet their mobile usage needs. This tool is also a great guide for new sales reps. looking for an easy way to sugesst the right plan(s) to your prospective customer.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sprint Nextel Launches EV-DO Rev A in Salt Lake City and Sacramento

Sprint Nextel announced this week that it has launched its EV-DO Revision A mobile data service in two new markets, namely Sacramento, California and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Both of these cities have been upgraded to the newer and faster wireless communications technology, which allows for upstream bandwidth of 300 to 400 kbps and download speeds of up to 800 kbps. The original EV-DO technology, widely used by both Sprint and Verizon, provides upstream data transfer of only 50 to 70 kbps.

EV-DO Revision A, which is expected to be available in 21 sprint markets by month’s end, will be much better suited to high bandwidth applications like video telephony, wireless music, and mobile video. It will be especially important for interactive wireless services which require a high level of upstream bandwidth.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Ovation U720 Sprint Mobile Broadband USB Modem by Novatel Wireless

Sprint's first Mobile Broadband EVDO Rev A capable USB modem.
First Rev A capable device that's compatible with the Apple Intel-based MacBook and MacBook Pro lines running Operating System X version 10.4.8 or higher


· Designed to take advantage of the Qualcomm 6800 chipset and when Sprint's Rev A EV-DO network is available they will experience 6x greater upload speeds.
· Advanced unique flip-up antenna providing greater performance.
· First USB device with built-in GPS receiver.
· NOTE: At launch, neither the Rev A Network capable nor the GPS enablement software will be available.
· Both of these capabilities will require an automatic firmware upgrade that is targeted to be available in 4Q'06.

Key Benefits to the Customer:

· Plugs into a USB port on your PC laptop or desktop
· Advanced flip-up antenna and an external antenna jack

Unique Features:

· Built-in GPS receiver
· With the evolution of EV-DO Revision A, users in markets where it is rolled out, will experience faster average upload and download speeds to enable richer applications and services

Pricing & Promotions

· Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $249.99
· Two-Year Promotion Price $99.99
· An additional $50 MIR
· Two-Year Net After Rebate: $49.99

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Sprint's RED MOTORAZR V3m by Motorola is designed exclusively to support (RED), an initiative founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise awareness and money for The Global Fund. The Global Fund is an innovative public-private partnership created to finance a dramatic turnaround in the fight against AIDS in Africa with an emphasis on women and children. RED RAZR is operates on Sprint's Power VisionSM Network enabling downloads of the latest news, music and entertainment content at broadband-like speeds.

Key features include:

· Access to Sprint Music Store for quick and easy over-the-air downloads
· Sprint TV with live programming
· Stereo Bluetooth® technology
· MicroSD card slot and a 1.3 megapixel camera
RED RAZR comes packaged with a stereo headset and five preloaded (RED) themed screen savers.

Pricing and Promotion

· Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $304.99
· 2-Year Commitment $154.99
· $90 mail-in rebate $64.99


Portfolio Impact:

· New Sprint's EVDO phone in line-up with a mid-tier clam device focusing on advanced EVDO technologies.
· New Device (Not Replacement).

Key Features:

· Power Vision
· Sprint Music Store
· On Demand
· Phone as Modem (USB Cable not included)
· Sprint TV
· 1.3 MP Camera
· Ultra thin RAZR design
· Bluetooth
· MicroSD Card Slot
· NFL Application pre-loaded this application is Exclusive to Sprint
· Telenav is preloaded to the device with a 15-day trial

Offer Message

· This device has all of the latest and greatest a customer could want and it is the next generation RAZR. This phone will be preloaded with NFL mobile and will be great for those that want to keep up with their Fantasy Football team.
· This phone will appeal to Advanced Connected and IL Influencers.
· Power Vision, Sprint TV, Sprint Music Store, 1.3 MP Camera and Bluetooth

Pricing & Promotions

· Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $399.99
· 2-Year Commitment $249.99
· $50 instant rebate $199.99

SCP-7000 by Sanyo


· The SCP-7000 by Sanyo supplements the Vision line-up with a low-tier rugged and affordable, compact clamshell similar to the Sanyo 2400.

Key Features

· Rugged / Rubberized form factor
· Parental Control (security)
· Sprint PCS Vision
· Built-in Speakerphone
· Wireless Back Up
· Sprint PCS Ready Link enabled
· SMS Voice and Text Messaging enabled
· Blue & Black Faceplates
Unique Features:
· Parental Control (security)
· A unique icon on the Main Menu will provide easy access to the security features built within the phone. This feature will restrict incoming and/or outgoing direct dial calls as well as limit access to services such as Sprint PCS Vision and/or Sprint PCS Ready Link.

Pricing & Promotions

· Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $179.99
· One-Year Promotion Price $104.99
· Two-Year Promotion Price $ 29.99

M500 by Samsung

A slim Power Vision device with advanced features including a MicroSD external memory card, Bluetooth, Themes and GPS capability for use with applications like Telenav and Garmin.

Portfolio Impact

· Drive Sprint Power Vision handset adoption down into the middle and lower cost market segments with the goal of increasing Vision service subscribers and decreasing churn.

Keys Features

· Power Vision
· GPS Enabled
· 1.3 MP Camera
· Speaker Independent Voice Recognition
· Stereo Bluetooth
· MicroSD Card Slot
· Themes (ability to customize the Standby, Main Menu, and Favorites screens)
· Available in 2 colors: Silver and Red

Pricing & Promotions

· Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $279.99
· 2-Year Commitment $129.99
· $50 Mail-in Rebate $79.99

LX150 by LG


The LX150 by LG is a stylish and affordable handset that offers Sprint PCS Vision services with a unique dedicated text message key.

The dedicated text messaging key will appeal to the important teen and young professional audiences who are typically avid text message users.

  • Key Features
  • Slim & fashionable design
  • Dedicated text message key
  • Bluetooth® - enabled
  • Speakerphone
  • Internal Antenna

Pricing & Promotions

  • Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $179.99
  • One-Year Promotion Price $104.99
  • Two-Year Promotion Price $ 29.99

ic402 by Motorola

The ic402 is a new category phone that combines the strength of Nextel and Sprint PCS technologies. The ic402 leverages IDEN and CDMA in one solution, offering Nextel Walkie-Talkie service, including Direct Talk( The all-digital off-network walkie-talkie that works, anytime between compatible phones within close range. Range will vary based on terrain and conditions-See additional disclaimer info under Walkie-Talkie services), and Sprint PCS voice coupled with Vision data services. Launch of the ic402 will be in 24 specific markets only in Q4, 2006.and will be offered nationally in Q1, 2007. The handset is small and stylish calm phone. The ic402 has features and functionality like Color Screen, GPS, Speakerphone, SIM Manager and Accessory Connector Cover. The ic402 has productivity tools such as Voice Recorder, Calendar, Calculator, Alarm and World Clock. The key differences from the ic502, is the ic402 is non-rugged & has no external display.

Customer Benefits

Affordable price

  • Affordable price
  • CDMA and IDEN network coverage
  • Nextel Nationwide and Group Connect Walkie-Talkie
  • Direct Talk-Off Network Walkie-Talkie
  • Sprint Vision Data service
  • Web access and email
  • Small, stylish clam form factor
  • Speakerphone

    Pricing and Promotions
  • $39.99 – Net Price after $40 mail-in rebate with 2-Year contract
  • $79.99 – 2-Year Promotion Price
  • $229.99 – No Commitment Price (SRP)
  • $39.99 - Flat Rate Pricing

ic502 by Motorola

The ic502 is a new category phone that combines the strength of Nextel and Sprint PCS technologies. The ic502 leverages IDEN and CDMA in one solution, offering Nextel Walkie-Talkie service, including Direct Talk (The all-digital off-network walkie-talkie that works anytime between compatible phones within close range. Range will vary based on terrain and conditions-See additional disclaimer info under Walkie-Talkie services), and Sprint PCS voice coupled with Vision data services. Launch of the ic502 will be in 24 specific markets, only in Q4, 2006 and will be offered nationally in Q1, 2007.

The handset is certified to MIL SPECS for dust, shock and vibration. With a rugged, clam shell design, the ic502 also projects a slim and sleek form factor. The ic502 has features and functionality like Color Screen, GPS, Speakerphone, External Display and SIM Manager.

  • The Hybrid will utilize the CDMA and IDEN Networks depending upon the service being used.

  • Voice and Data will use the Sprint PCS network only

  • Walkie-talkie will use the iDEN network (800 MHz)

  • Voice and data roam with other 1900 MHz, but not with 800MHz
    Hybrid phones will operate with complete functionality (voice, data & PTT) in areas where CDMA and IDEN overlap.

Voice and Data service on the Sprint Nextel Hybrid phone will roam to other carriers 1900 MHz coverage. International roaming in Mexico and Canada with CDMA 1900 coverage is limited. Existing IDEN users will experience reduced coverage in these countries when using voice calling and data services. IDEN coverage and International Walkie-Talkie in both countries remains the same.

  • Affordable price

  • CDMA and IDEN network coverage

  • Nextel Nationwide and Group Connect Walkie-Talkie

  • Direct Talk-Off Network Walkie-Talkie

  • Sprint Vision Data service

  • Web access and email

  • Rugged durability with sleek and slim clam design

  • External Display and Speakerphone

Pricing & Promotion

  • $59.99 – Net Price after $40 mail-in rebate with 2-Year contract

  • $99.99 – 2-Year Promotion Price

  • $249.99 – No Commitment Price (SRP)

  • $59.99-Flat Rate Pricing

Sprint has rich handset offers for the holiday season that will make sales easy!

National Handset Offer Highlights:
  • Holiday sales on camera phones just got easier!
  • Samsung a640 = Free after mail-in rebate.
  • Power Vision phones starting at $49.99 with mail-in rebate.
  • Lower prices from prior period on the a900 and Fusic after mail-in rebate.
  • Katana $49.99 BOGO – perfect gift giving idea
  • Instant savings on the new MOTOKRZR.
  • PDAs and Connection Cards perfect for the business customer this holiday season.
  • New Novatel U720 for only $49.99 after mail-in rebate – first USB Rev A device from Sprint.

National iDEN Offers – MIR

  • Introducing the Hybrid handsets with mail-in rebate (red markets only).
  • The new i880 is only $299.99 after mail-in rebate.

Program Details for all iDEN & CDMA National Handset Offers

  • Available to all New and Existing Customers (Consumer, IL, and CL)
  • Required Commitment Term: 2-year agreement
  • Program Participation: New Line of Service or Eligible Existing Customer Upgrade
  • Existing upgrades must meet Upgrade Program eligibility requirements.
  • Participating Channels: All Consumer and Business
  • CL customers (100+ lines on a contract) receive Flat Rate Pricing. CL customers (5-99 lines) receive the consumer promotional handset offer.

Consumer ID Waivers:

  • All Regions:
    Phone: 800-639-6116

Business ID Waivers & Field Fraud Prevention Contact Information:

ID Verification Resources

Reverse Lookups / Directory Assistance:

Yahoo People Search
White Pages
Yahoo Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages.com
MSN Yellow Pages
Search Bug

Drivers License Validity:

Washington State

Business Verification:

Secretaries of State

Area Codes:


Contact your Regional Fraud Team if assistance is required with ID verification or ID Waivers.